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The Great Pause - AKA Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The ultimate guide to changing your mindset as an entrepreneur for the better in 2022.

Unless you've been in hibernation or on mars [sign me up!] the past 22 months have been… interesting.

It's been interesting in the sense that depending on your mindset, it could have been the worst or best time in your business and/or personal life.

Personally, I prefer to call the pandemic the great pause.

It's safe to say that this time was abruptly forced upon us, and really called for a time to pause and reflect on what to do next. After all, nobody knew what the heck was going on at first [or even now at times! 😅].

While I'm just like 99% of the population, during the first two weeks it was a pretty sweet time to catch up on my favourite TV shows I never had time to watch, and to get some solid nap reps in.

Then, past that two week mark there were some alarms going off… I started to think: what if this goes past a month, two months, six months, or more? What am I going to do? [cue panic mode] 🚨🚨🚨

At first with all the what ifs, it was really freaking hard to decided what to do next and where my business needed to pivot in this moment. On top of that, as a leader within the business, there were employees looking to me for answers, answers that I just didn't have.

So, I paused.

1. What fills my cup?

2. What does my perfect day look like?

3. What's my biggest weakness?

I took time breathe. I took time to get off the internet/ phone/ TV and just straight up disconnect. I got very quiet.

The point of getting quiet was so that I could listen.

Three questions I asked myself:

1. What fills my cup?

What's the thing[s] that I can do everyday without getting paid? What's the thing[s] that give me goosebumps, and truly make me want to drop what I'm doing right now to just get at it? Simple: what makes me smile?

This doesn't need to be a very complex idea. It can be as simple as: I enjoy leading my employees, or I enjoy showing up everyday, being present and growing my business from the ground up. Literally whatever floats your figurative boat!

Taking the time to check-in and see where our joy is is such an underrated exercise, and highly needed - especially when it can so often not look the same as it did a year ago or even a month ago.

Plus, just like how we analyze the trends in our business, marketing, etc., it's so important to analyze the most important data of all: what makes you happy.

2. What does my perfect day look like?

Cheesy? Yes. Valid question that we rarely ask ourselves? 100%.

I've caught myself in this trap! Settling because we're adults and it's not “logical” or “realistic” to dive into what our perfect day would look like because of our responsibilities is the worst dream killer of all.

For example: one of my routine perfect day items is to play. Whether that play is enjoying a new walking route, new park with my son, hiking, tobogganing, building a fort in the basement, I want to work play into my days! Why? See no. 1 above. 😉

What if I don't know what my perfect day looks like? Let's try to reverse engineer here. When I truly went silent and listened to what I wanted, I also had to listen to what I didn't want.

Making the list of what I didn't want was easy. Lots of fat to trim? Heck, yes! Were some items non-negotiable? To an extent, yes. But with a little bit of creativity, rather than being inundated with these, I was able to work the important tasks like checking my emails, balancing the books, etc., into more bite-sized manageable chunks within my perfect day.

From there, let's check the list of what we love to do! Easy-ish. Easy to cherry pick what make us feel good in the moment like sleeping-in or watching TV, etc., but check yourself and ask: do these make me feel good afterwards?

For this one we really want to take the time to see what actually makes your day better, and continues to move your needle forward. Ask yourself: what are some things that in the moment I don't always love, but love the feeling or effect afterwards?

For example: I love working out and what it does for my body & mind, but when I first start in the morning, it straight up sucks. I love waking up at 5am and getting a head start on my day, but when that alarm goes off, I want to throw it through the wall. I love the way it feels when I'm done meditating, but when I first start it's so hard to slow my body and all the chatter in my mind.

3. What's my biggest weakness?

Ready. Set. Aim. Fire.

Where are you needing to grow right now?

This one is the carrot in front of the horse that keeps it moving forward. With consistency, this will move you to your next big, productive move.


No matter what your day looks like, be sure to stay true to what makes you happy and you'll never feel like it's a day wasted.

Last notes: Maybe your questions might look a little different, but what I can promise you is that we all have the voice inside our mind that has a lot to say. We just need to be quite and listen.

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In success,


Team StaffNet 🙌

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